Foreign Rights

Welcome to ArtPeople!

ArtPeople is Denmark's new hub of culture and home to the publishers People'sPress and People’sPress junior.

We publish books and promote music and DVDs. We book a number of Denmark's most prominent speakers, stand-up comedians and musicians for your event.  We break down old boundaries and establish new creative concepts.

We believe that cultural forms of expression will merge in the coming years, and this is why we seek out, develop, communicate and market most styles of cultural activity.

We create experiences and art in the broadest sense of the word, and aim to be the 'home' of creative expression. This new wave of musicians, speakers, writers and stand-up comedians push the limits and enhance the experience of culture.


ArtPeople | Foreign Rights
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Thilde Nybro Pfeifer (Barsel) | Foreign Rights
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